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The Greats on Leadership

The Greats on Leadership
The Greats on Leadership

The Greats on Leadership is an in-depth tour of the best leadership ideas of the past 25 centuries, drawing out the key leadership insights from classic authors, weaving them together with business examples, the best contemporary research, and tools to help put it all into practice.

Among the 20 specific leadership topics included are:
Leadership Traps (Shakespeare) 
Change (Machiavelli) 
Power (Sophocles) 
Dilemmas (Madison, Hamilton) 
Communication (Lincoln, Pericles) 
Personality Types (Jung) 
Motivation (Frankl) 
Judgment (Maupassant, Melville, Austen, Shaw) 
Character (Churchill, Plutarch, Shelley, Joyce)

The Greats on Leadership shows there are no greater lessons to follow than the classics in the search for practical wisdom.

Author :Davis, Jocelyn
Format :Paperback
Page :320
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  • ISBN: 9781473689947

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