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Farsighted: How We Make The Decisions That Matter The Most

Farsighted: How We Make The Decisions That Matter The Most
Farsighted: How We Make The Decisions That Matter The Most

The hardest choices are also the most consequential. So why do we know so little about how to get them right?
_x000D_ Big, life-altering decisions matter so much more _x000D_ than the decisions we make every day, and they're also the most _x000D_ difficult: where to live, whom to marry, what to believe, whether to _x000D_ start a company, how to end a war. There's no one-size-fits-all approach_x000D_ for addressing these kinds of conundrums.
_x000D_ Steven Johnson's classic Where Good Ideas Come From _x000D_ inspired creative people all over the world with new ways of thinking _x000D_ about innovation. In Farsighted, he uncovers powerful tools for honing _x000D_ the important skill of complex decision-making. While you can't model a _x000D_ once-in-a-lifetime choice, you can model the deliberative tactics of _x000D_ expert decision-makers. These experts aren't just the master strategists_x000D_ running major companies or negotiating high-level diplomacy. They're _x000D_ the novelists who draw out the complexity of their characters' inner _x000D_ lives, the city officials who secure long-term water supplies, and the _x000D_ scientists who reckon with future challenges most of us haven't even _x000D_ imagined. The smartest decision-makers don't go with their guts. Their _x000D_ success relies on having a future-oriented approach and the ability to _x000D_ consider all their options in a creative, productive way.
_x000D_ Through compelling stories that reveal surprising _x000D_ insights, Johnson explains how we can most effectively approach the _x000D_ choices that can chart the course of a life, an organization, or a _x000D_ civilization. Farsighted will help you imagine your possible futures an

Author :Johnson, Steven
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