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Big History: From The Big Bang To Virtual Reality

Big History: From The Big Bang To Virtual Reality
Big History: From The Big Bang To Virtual Reality

Understand how and why we got where we are today with Big History. From _x000D_ the formation of our universe to the present day, countless major events_x000D_ have changed the course of life on Earth. Big History brings together _x000D_ an incredible range of perspectives, using multiple disciplines _x000D_ including physics and sociology to bring us the story of 13.8 billion _x000D_ years of remarkable history. With a foreword by TED speaker Professor _x000D_ David Christian, Big History is a truly unique look at the history of _x000D_ the world. Aligned with the online Big History Project, supported by _x000D_ Bill Gates, Big History puts a wide-angle lens on history, and uses _x000D_ stunning visual timelines and special CGI reconstructions to show you _x000D_ history's greatest events like never before. Look back to our origins in_x000D_ the stars, and explore everything from the birth of the sun to modern _x000D_ technology, and what the future holds for humans. The perfect gift for _x000D_ everyone interested in every aspect of history, Big History presents the_x000D_ history of the world as you've never seen it.

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