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Myths & Legends

Myths & Legends
Myths & Legends

Discover the world's greatest myths and legends - from Greek mythology to Norse mythology - in this comprehensive guide.

What_x000D_ did Japanese mythology say about the beginning of the Universe? How did_x000D_ Oedipus become the classic tragic hero in Greek mythology? Who brought _x000D_ about the origin of death in Maori mythology? Combining vivid retellings_x000D_ of famous legends with over 1,000 illustrations of characters, famous _x000D_ artworks, and artefacts, Myths and Legends makes it easier than ever before to understand the stories that are central to every culture.

Delve_x000D_ into the well-known tales of the ancient Greeks, which hold the key to _x000D_ such phrases as "Achilles' heel", as well as the lesser-known but richly_x000D_ colourful myths of Africa and the Americas. Explore global ideas such _x000D_ as fate and fortune, and the Underworld, and find out about the key _x000D_ characters - heroes, tricksters, and gods - that make up each myth _x000D_ system. Filled with the cultural and religious meanings behind each _x000D_ legend, and the influence they have had both in their own time and in _x000D_ today's world, this book is a must-have for all mythology enthusiasts.

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