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Life: World'S Must See Destinations: Heaven On Earth

Life: World'S Must See Destinations: Heaven On Earth
Life: World'S Must See Destinations: Heaven On Earth

When we at LIFE Books first published Heaven on Earth several _x000D_ years ago, the public responded as if this was the ultimate bucket list _x000D_ of beauty and awe. From the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx to the _x000D_ mysteries of Easter Island and Stonehenge, the editors of LIFE drew on _x000D_ the world's fi nest photography to reveal why you must include these _x000D_ truly special places in your life's itinerary. Drink in the kaleidoscope_x000D_ that is Australia's Great Barrier Reef and gaze at the majesty of _x000D_ Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro, we urged. Sample the sophisticated splendor _x000D_ of the Tuileries Gardens in Paris and the sun-baked wonders of the _x000D_ fortress city of the Andes, Machu Picchu. And, of course, the treasures _x000D_ of America were not forgotten, such as the gasp-inducing Grand Canyon _x000D_ and the serene Atlantic beauty of Nantucket Island. Our classic book is _x000D_ back, but with more. We have now included 16 pages of exotics-secrets- _x000D_ beyond the famous and fabulous places you must see. We have once again _x000D_ spanned the globe, and once again solicited the world's best _x000D_ possibilities. Can you guess the newest entries? We can promise one _x000D_ thing: They are as heavenly as the original 100, as heavenly as anything_x000D_ on earth.

Author :Life
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