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China Ghosts

  • Brand/Author: Gammage, Jeff
  • Product Code: 9780061871627
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :HarperCollins
  • Language :English

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Aching to expand from a couple to a family, Jeff Gammagea reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirerand his wife, Christine, embarked upon a journey that would carry them across a shifting landscape of emotion and through miles of red tape and bureaucratic protocol. On the other side of the worldin the smog-choked city of Changsha in Hunan Provincea silent, stoic little girl was waiting for them: Jin Yu, their new daughter. Now they would have to learn how to fully embrace a life altered beyond recognition by new concerns and responsibilitiesand by a love unlike any they'd ever felt before.Alive with insight and feeling, China Ghosts is an eye-opening depiction of the foreign adoption process and a remarkable glimpse into a different culture. Most important, it is a poignant, heartfelt, and intensely intimate chronicle of the making of a family.

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