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  • Anthology of Rap
  • Anthology of Rap

Anthology of Rap

  • Brand/Author: Bradley, Adam
  • Product Code: 9780300163063
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Format :Ebook (PDF)
  • Publisher :Yale University Press
  • Language :English

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From the school yards of the South Bronx to the tops of the Billboard charts, rap has emerged as one of the most influential cultural forces of our time. In The Anthology of Rap, editors Adam Bradley and Andrew DuBois demonstrate that rap is also a wide-reaching and vital poetic tradition born of beats and rhymes.This pioneering anthology brings together more than three hundred lyrics written over thirty years, from the old school to the golden age to the present day. Rather than aim for encyclopedic coverage, Bradley and DuBois render through examples the richness and diversity of raps poetic tradition. They feature both classic lyrics that helped define the genre, including Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Fives The Message and Eric B. & Rakims Microphone Fiend,as well as lesser-known gems like Blackaliciouss Alphabet Aerobics and Jean Graes Haters Anthem.Both a fans guide and a resource for the uninitiated, The Anthology of Rap showcases the inventiveness and vitality of raps lyrical art. The volume also features an overview of rap poetics and the forces that shaped each period in raps historical development, as well as a foreword by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and afterwords by Chuck D and Common. Enter the Anthology to experience the full range of raps artistry and discover a rich poetic tradition hiding in plain sight.

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