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The Wilderness World of John Muir

The Wilderness World of John Muir
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The Wilderness World of John Muir

John Muir's extraordinary vision of America comes to life in these fascinating selections from his personal journals.

As a conservationist, John Muir traveled through most of the American wilderness alone and on foot, without a gun or a sleeping bag. In 1903, while on a three-day camping trip with President Theodore Roosevelt, he convinced the president of the importance of a national conservation program, and he is widely recognized for saving the Grand Canyon and Arizona's Petrified Forest. Muir's writing, based on journals he kept throughout his life, gives our generation a picture of an America still wild and unsettled only one hundred years ago. In "The Wildernesss World""of John Muir" Edwin Way Teale has selected the best of Muir's writing from all of his major works--including "My First Summer in the Sierra" and "Travels in Alaska"--to provide a singular collection that provides to be "magnificent, thrilling, exciting, breathtaking, and awe-inspiring" ("Kirkus Reviews").

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