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  • Brand/Author: Angier, Natalie
  • Product Code: 9780571250097
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  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :Faber & Faber
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<div><p>'Every sentence sparkles with wit and charm . . . An intoxicating cocktail of fine science writing.' Richard Dawkins, author of <i>The God Delusion</i></p><p></p><p>An inspiring and imaginative tour through the basics of science, from astronomy to biology and beyond. <i>New York Times </i>science writer Natalie Angier argues that this neglected canon should be essential knowledge - like Shakespeare, Beethoven or Picasso - for any cultured person, and <i>The Canon </i>makes these scientific fundamentals both exciting and easy to understand.</p><p></p><p>'Delightful and witty ... Angier proves that our lives are enriched when we start understanding what science is all about.' Michael Taube, <i>Financial Times</i></p><p></p><p>'The kind of science book you wish someone had placed in front of you at school.' Tim Adams, <i>Observer</i></p><p><i></i></p><p>'Think you don't need this elegant primer on the basics of science? Go on, then - explain what electricity is, or DNA . . . See, told you so.' <i>Tatler </i></p><p><i></i></p><p>'The best introduction to essential science I've read for many a year' John Cornwell, <i>Sunday Times</i></p><p><i></i></p><p><i></i>'Angier conveys the real substance of field after field, without distortion or dumbing down . . . I hope it is widely read.' Steven Pinker, <i>New York Times</i></p></div>

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