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  • Grand Fleet 1914-19
  • Grand Fleet 1914-19

Grand Fleet 1914-19

  • Brand/Author: Ridley-Kitts, Daniel George
  • Product Code: 9780750952002
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  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :The History Press
  • Language :English

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<div>The First World War was the first real time in 100 years that the reputation of the British Royal Navy was put on the line in defence of the country. This book tells of the creation and development of the Grand Fleet under the drive of the energetic and charismatic admiral of the fleet 'Jacky' Fisher, who modernised the navy with the introduction of the revolutionary Dreadnought battleship. This type of vessel in particular made other nations' battleships obsolete, created a powerful weapon for the defence of Empire and trade, and finally defeated the designs of Kaiser William III. Using unique technical drawings rendered by the author, the history of the Grand Fleet is told in accessible narrative style, with outstanding technical detail which will satisfy naval enthusiasts.</div>

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