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  • Quake: Final Threat
  • Quake: Final Threat

Quake: Final Threat

  • Brand/Author: Douglas, Jack
  • Product Code: 9780786034642
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :Kensington
  • Language :English

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Terror Hits Home In the sixth and final installment of Jack Douglas's Quake, one American hero emerges from the ruins of a devastated New York to fight one ruthless terroristto the death. . .It's all come down to this. After surviving the the most devastating earthquake ever to hit the U.S. . ..after leading a band of survivors from one end of Manhattan to the other. . .after saving his daughter from nature's wrath and humanity's worst. . .U.S. Attorney Nick Dykstra must go head to head with the 9/11 terrorist who escaped his grasp in the chaos of the quake. As his sworn enemy, Feroz Saeed Alivi, will not stop until Nick and his family are dead and buriedor worse. Even in this moment of crisis, when the shockwaves have triggered a leak at the the Indian Point Nuclear Plant, Alivi will not give up until his unholy game is over. For Nick, it's kill or be killed. . .This is the final showdown that will shake the world to the very core. This is the only way to conquer the ultimate challenge of the QUAKE.14,400 Words

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