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Power Lines

  • Brand/Author: Adam, David
  • Product Code: 9780819225283
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  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :Church Publishing Inc.
  • Language :English

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Celtic prayers have always offered everyday needs to God in a straightforward way. Power Lines incorporates the insights of the Celtic tradition into a series of modern prayers about the concerns of work-whether paid, unpaid, in factory, home, or office. This book opens up Celtic patterns of prayer to focus on the work we all do in the presence of God. Chapters in this book provide prayers for various times of day (morning, the working day, and evening) as well as some of our emotional responses to work (achievement and disappointment). A special chapter of litanies provides useful prayers and responses for congregations and other groups who wish to make their work concerns part of their worship. Power Lines concludes with a selection of classic prayers from Augustine, Francis, Teilhard de Chardin, and many others. Beyond OurselvesGrant us a vision, Lord,To see what we can achieveTo reach out beyond ourselvesTo share our lives with othersTo stretch our capabilitiesTo increase our sense of purposeTo be aware of where we can helpTo be sensitive to your PresenceTo give heed to your constant call. David Adam is the vicar of Holy Island on the coast of Northunberland, where he ministers to thousands of pilgrims and other visitors. He is well known for his books of prayers, and is an authority on Celtic Christian spirituality. His other books include: Flame in My Heart, The Cry of the Deer, Traces of Glory, Glimpses of Glory, The Open Gate, and the Edge of Glory, all available from Morehouse Publishing.

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