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  • Ask Dr. Gramma Karen

Ask Dr. Gramma Karen

  • Brand/Author: Rancourt, Karen L.
  • Product Code: 9780989627412
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  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :Karen L. Rancourt
  • Language :English

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Whether you are a young parent or a grandparent, Dr. Gramma Karen-savvy grandmother and Mommybites.com advice columnist-can help you navigate the intergenerational head-butting that often affects families. Ask Dr. Gramma Karen: Helping Young Parents and Grandparents Deal with Thorny Issues presents common disputes drawn from real-life stories sent to her by young parents and grandparents. Dr. Gramma Karen cuts to the core of conflict points like: Balancing grandparents' wishes for involvement with parents' need for control Achieving clear communication Recognizing the values, beliefs and principles of everyone involvedAddressing these and other challenges gripping today's new parents and grandparents, Dr. Karen Rancourt guides families toward healthy interactions. This book will help you embrace these crucial relationships without power struggles, disappointment, and stress. The result: a harmonious family life for all.

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