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  • 7-Minute Prioritizer
  • 7-Minute Prioritizer

7-Minute Prioritizer

  • Brand/Author: Davis, Jeffrey
  • Product Code: 9780990831907
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :Miro Press
  • Language :English

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Entrepreneurs, creatives, business owners, project managers, and teams have more project & product ideas than they do time with no tested, easy method to prioritize one project over the other. The most common advice falls either into the "e;Trust your gut"e; camp or the "e;Let's analyze the pros and cons"e; camp. Neither camp alone helps visionary entrepreneurs and creatives in the long run. What if you could combine quick emotional intelligence with rational thinking to decide within minutes which project to prioritize over the other?Enter the 7-Minute Prioritizer: The Art of Discernment. This booklet and tool equips business artists of all stripes to build a cognitive framework for decisive action that goes beyond "e;gut feeling"e; on one hand and over-analysis on the other. Think of it as hack prioritizing. Developed by Tracking Wonder Consultancy founder, author, Psychology Today columnist, and strategist Jeffrey Davis and designed by the Tracking Wonder Team, the 7-Minute Prioritizer includes these features:- an introduction to the psychology of flourishing and discernment- a Wonder-S.T.O.V.E. tool that takes you through 6 indicators to prioritize- concrete case studies and examples- a grid to prioritize projects- a "e;burners grid"e; to prioritize front burner, mid-burner, and back burner projectsThe 7-Minute Prioritizer not only gives you a tool to prioritize. It gives you a framework that can change how your mind discerns. For the long term.

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