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  • Moll Flanders
  • Moll Flanders

Moll Flanders

  • Brand/Author: Defoe, Daniel
  • Product Code: 9781105606823
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Moll Flanders is a novel written by Daniel Defoe. Moll's mother is a convict in Newgate Prison in London who is given a reprieve by "e;pleading her belly"e;, a reference to the custom of staying the executions of pregnant criminals. Her mother is eventually transported to America, and Moll Flanders (not her birth name, she emphasizes, taking care not to reveal it) is raised until adolescence by a goodly foster mother, and then gets attached to a household as a servant where she is loved by both sons, the elder of whom convinces her to "e;act like they were married"e; in bed, yet eventually unwilling to marry her, he convinces her to marry his younger brother. She then is widowed, leaves her children in the care of in-laws, and begins honing the skill of passing herself off as a fortuned widow to attract a man who will marry her and provide her with security. The plot continues to twist and turn until the unexpected ending.

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