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  • Ransom's Diary
  • Ransom's Diary

Ransom's Diary

  • Brand/Author: Caine, Michael C.
  • Product Code: 9781312401006
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :Lulu.com
  • Language :English

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Claire Bailey is almost twelve and spending a lot of time alone with Will Ransom, a shy and withdrawn boy of almost thirteen with an IQ well above genius. Claire's mother is growing concerned that they might be "e;experimenting"e; and she's right, but not in the way she suspects. Will has anexperiment to help improve his powers of concentration. With Claire's help he succeeds beyond all expectation. But his newfound gift comes with unforeseen consequences making it increasingly difficult for him to distinguish what isreal and what isn't. To make matters worse, Claire father is given a job transfer and her family leaves town. Without Claire to help him Will grows into fractured manhood. Is he a brilliant physicist or is he insane and is Claire really gone?

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Tags: Ransom's Diary, Caine, Michael C., 9781312401006

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