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This book presents the fascinating history behind the most famous military religious Order of the Crusades--the Knights Templar. Written by leading Templar authority and medieval historian Dr. Karen Ralls, this sourcebook of hundreds of entries features a wealth of information on the key Templar people, places, events, symbols, organization, daily life, beliefs, economic empire, and trial. 

The Knights Templar Encyclopedia provides a comprehensive view of the facts about this powerful medieval Order,  A to Z.  Meticulously gleaned from scholarly sources over a period of sixteen years, the encyclopedia covers key areas about the medieval Order itself, and also, other major medieval topics of increasing interest today and how they specifically relate to the Knights Templar -- i.e.,  the Grail,  the Black Madonnas,  King Arthur, Templar sites, Rosslyn Chapel,  key Templar symbolism, seals, and relics, Gothic cathedrals,  Mary Magdalene,  the Jolly Roger flag, alchemy,  Freemasonry,  the Guilds, chivalry, stained glass, Bernard of Clairvaux,  the origins of the Order,  Templar archives,  Assets,Treasuries, Loans, Maritime trade and ports, Farms,  Feast days, to name but a few entries.  Several key Appendices are included:  a Templar Chronology of Events;  a list of Grand Masters; a list of Popes during the time of the medieval Order;  a list of the charges against the Templars;  key Templar Sites;  and  Illustrations.  In addition, a special 'Recommended Reading' section, from scholarly sources,  under specific subject headings to further aid the reader, is also included.

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