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World History of Christianity

World History of Christianity
World History of Christianity
Christianity is the most global of religions. However, most books on the subject fail to do justice to the history of Christianity outside Europe and North America. This prodigious work provides the first genuinely global one-volume study of the rise, development, and impact of the Christian faith. Written by an international team of specialists, this comprehensive volume covers the full breadth of Christian history while also taking seriously the geographical diversity of the story: extensive chapters cover North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, India, China and its neighbors, and Australia and the Pacific. Though unified in scope, these chapters each focus on what matters most in the specific time and place covered, ensuring that readers are introduced to the major themes--social, theological, political, and cultural--that together constitute Christianity's role in world history. Ideally suited for classroom study as well as for independent reading, A World History of Christianity will serve as the definitive study of church history for the coming generation worldwide. Contributors: Mary B. Cunningham Gillian Evans Robert E. Frykenberg Martin Goodman Adrian Hastings Mary Heimann David Hilliard Robert Bruce Mullin Andrew Pettegree Gary Tiedemann Philip Walters Benedicta Ward Kevin Ward
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