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Big Iron

  • Brand/Author: Lancer, Jake
  • Product Code: 9781416588450
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  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :Pocket Books
  • Language :English

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In the aftermath of the Civil War, the West is invaded by hordes of bold, dangerous men. And with the railroad coming to Black Creek, Kansas, the town becomes a magnet to every whore, tinhorn, outlaw, and killer in the territory. A gang of human vultures, led by the shadowy, murderous Harvey Kidd, has started a bloody guerrilla war with the Union Pacific Railroad, robbing payrolls, killing workers, and burning bridges. Black Creek is next on Kidd's list. Into this explosive mix rides human powder keg Dane Bowman, a mysterious stranger with a big iron on his hip. Lightning-fast and leather-tough, Bowman whipsaws outlaws and lawmen alike, taking on all comers, turning Black Creek into a corpse-strewn battleground. It all leads up to a showdown on Boot Hill that unleashes a bloody storm of lead destined to become a legend of the West....

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