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  • Antiques 101
  • Antiques 101

Antiques 101

  • Brand/Author: IV, Frank Farmer Loomis
  • Product Code: 9781440225116
  • Availability: E-Book
  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :F+W Media
  • Language :English

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Master Antique Styles PainlesslyNot sure how to tell Chippendale from Queen Anne, or Art Deco from Art Nouveau? Learn the easy way with the author's entertaining style. Frank Farmer Loomis IV is an expert communicator who knows how to engage students with anecdotes and humor. If you're looking for clear, simple explanations rather than unpronounceable terms like corbeille a fleurs (flower basket) or sang de boeuf (red glaze), you've come to the right place, as he will "e;demystify all the perplexing twaddle"e; for you. And while you're learning, discover your antiquing personality and how antiquing can reduce stress.A User-Friendly Reference for AntiquersMaster 16 major antique furniture styles and the six main woodsUse furniture styles to identify and date other antiquesLearn the various types of china, silver, pewter, and their marks

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