• The Berenstain Bears Phonics Fun
  • The Berenstain Bears Phonics Fun

The Berenstain Bears Phonics Fun

  • Brand/Author: Berenstain, Mike
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Kids will have a great time learning to read with Berenstain Bears Phonics Fun, a twelve-book program written and illustrated in full color by Jan and Mike Berenstain. Each twelve-page book features a Berenstain Bears story with a separate phonics concept. Phonics teaches children the relationship between letters and the sounds they make. A child who has mastered these relationships has an excellent foundation for learning to read and spell. According to the National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, a child who has learned phonics has a method to recognize familiar words and "decode" unfamiliar ones. The loving Berenstain Bear family--Mama, Papa, Sister, Brother, and Honey--will make learning these vital pre-reading skills enjoyable for parents and children. The program has been leveled by experts and takes kids through the learning process in clear steps.

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