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  • Little Wizard Stories of Oz
  • Little Wizard Stories of Oz

Little Wizard Stories of Oz

  • Brand/Author: Baum, L. Frank
  • Product Code: 9781473374805
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  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :Read Books Ltd.
  • Language :English

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This book contains the Little Wizard Stories of Oz, a collection of six short stories designed for young children by the writer of the Oz books, L. Frank Baum. These six short tales were originally published in individual booklets, entitled "e;Oz books in miniature"e;, and collated into a single edition in 1914 complete with wonderful illustrations by John R. Niell. Each original booklet was comprised of 29 pages and was printed in blue ink rather than black. These wonderful stories are perfect for bedtime reading, sure to entertain and inspire its sleepy listeners with fantastic tales of Dorothy and her friends in Oz. The stories included in this collection are: The Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger, Little Dorothy and Toto, Tiktok and the Nome King, Ozma and the Little Wizard, Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse, and The Scarcrow and the Tin Woodman. This book was originally published in 1914 and is republished here with a new prefatory biography of the author.

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