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  • To the Women I Once Loved
  • To the Women I Once Loved

To the Women I Once Loved

  • Brand/Author: Jeanty, Pierre Alex
  • Product Code: 9780986255632
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  • Format :Paperback
  • Publisher :Jeanius Publishing LLC
  • Language :English
  • Page :156

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"To The Women I Once Loved" is a reflection of a poet's heart, his deepest inner feelings towards past relationships and how they contributed to the man he has become. Each piece brings consciousness to parts of a woman that ought to be glorified, qualities men sometimes neglect in relationships; while making both men and women aware that who they become has a direct correlation with who they've been with. Pierre allows readers to see where he missed it before in a way that is uplifting not only to the reader but also the women of his past. This literary piece is filled with hope and will salivate the soul of those waiting on love. 

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