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  • Among Wild Horses
  • Among Wild Horses

Among Wild Horses

  • Brand/Author: Pomeranz, Lynne
  • Product Code: 9781612122137
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  • Format :Ebook (ePub)
  • Publisher :Storey Publishing, LLC
  • Language :English

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In the Pryor Mountains, along the state line between Montana and Wyoming, lives a band of wild horses - the Pryor Mountain Mustangs - descended from the original Spanish horses brought over by the Conquistadores. These wild relatives of equine royalty live, browse, roam, challenge, fight, and mate much as they have for hundreds of years. Among Wild Horses is the extraordinary photographic journal of Lynne Pomeranz, who spent two years studying and photographing these magnificent animals. The inner lives and relationships of 25 horses emerge in intimate photographs and evocative text. Witness the dramatic competitions between stallions as they vie for supremacy, the tender bonds between mares and their offspring, and the joyful play of each spring's newborn foals. The Pryor Mountain Mustangs will claim a special place in your heart.

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