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  • Brand/Author: Farley, Brenda Rose
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Brenda Farley was born and raised in a devote family of Jehovah's Witnesses. In her childhood home nothing mattered except the Watchtower Society's rules, what was printed in thier books, The Watchtower and Awake! magazine, attending five meetings at the Kingdom Hall every week, and going house to house telling about Jehovah's Kingdom on earth. Brenda thought she was in the "e;TRUTH"e; and all other religions worshipped the devil and were Babylon The Grete. After takeing a break from the Watchtower Societies rules, the elders visited her home and told her that Jehovah had left her and not to pray any more because Jehovah would not hear her prayers. This is the true testimony of how when Brenda was serving the devil as a white witch, the devil turned on her and tried to get her to kill herself, how she called out to God, God answered, and her struggle to find our : Who is God?

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