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  • James K. Baxter
  • James K. Baxter

James K. Baxter

  • Brand/Author: Baxter, James K
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  • Publisher :Auckland University Press
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<div>Poet and performer Sam Hunt first became aware of the poems of James K Baxter as a schoolboy. Aged 14, he was strapped for reciting Baxter&#8217;s poem &#145;Evidence at the Witch Trials&#8217; in an English lesson (one of the final in a series of events resulting in his expulsion from college). James K. Baxter later became a friend and mentor who greatly influenced the unconventional poetic course Sam Hunt&#8217;s life would take. Here, Hunt offers a selection of 50 poems by Baxter that have made an indelible impression on the grooves of his brain and tongue; poems he has lived with, road-tested and recited around New Zealand for more than 40 years. Hunt has included in the selection a range of the very familiar and the less familiar of Baxter&#8217;s poems, dating from 1945 to 1972. In his substantial introduction, Hunt offers his memories of Jim Baxter and explains his selection. James K. Baxter: Poems offers a fresh, uniquely personal look at the work of Baxter, a rare insight into the creative relationship between two leading writers, and reminds how crucial it is that we listen to our poets.</div>

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