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Knaresborough Through Time

Knaresborough Through Time
Knaresborough Through Time
For its size Knaresborough has enjoyed more than its fair share of history; it has been home to some of England's most intriguing characters and it boasts some of the most iconic views in Britain. This book captures the fascinating story of the town - from King John's castle built in 1205 through to the 2010 800th anniversary celebrations of the giving of the Maundy money by King John which first took place in Knaresborough. Mother Shipton, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Crag, the Dropping Well, Blind Jack, and the world famous viaduct are all here to intrigue visitor and local alike as well as anyone interested in British history generally. Knaresborough people, their history, buildings, tourist attractions, schools, work and leisure are all celebrated in 1 in pictures and in words.
Author :Chrystal, Paul
Format :Ebook (ePub)
Publisher :Amberley Publishing
Language :English
Rp 273,900
Ex Tax: Rp 273,900
  • : E-Book
  • ISBN: 9781445629100

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